2013 LGBT & Allies Diversity Summit


Thursday, June 6, 2013



9:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.



Charlotte Convention Center, Charlotte, NC



Diversity within the Community Track

The Diversity within the LGBTA Community track highlights the lived experience of L, G, B, as well as T individuals through diverse panel discussions with members of each group living in the greater Charlotte area. They will speak from personal experience by highlighting both issues relating to their sexualities as well as how other traits (for example age and race) influence what it is like to be a member of the L, G, B, or T communities. We are NOT announcing the identities of anyone within the panels because not everyone is fully “out”. Also, this is FREE, so if you are not going to attend the lunch (or are unable to pay for it) please email [email protected] to register.

For: Everyone, Charlotte Community, LGBT Community Members, Allies, Students, and anyone who would like to know more about the Charlotte LGBT Community.

What Works in the Workplace Track

The LGBT in the Workplace track will focus on best practices within the workplace. Sessions build in complexity throughout the day. Sessions focus on

  1. LGBT in the Workplace Overview- Stan Kimer will conduct a stand-alone overview which will provide a general understanding of the main issues as well as help those less familiar with the issues get the most out of the later sessions.
  2. Transgender Issues and Best Practices- by request, this session adds depth to working with Trans*/Transgender individuals. This is possibly the most diverse and commonly misunderstood group, with somewhat different needs/issues that L, G, & B. Many of the later best practices and gender issues will revolve around Transgender individuals.
  3. HRC Corporate Equality Index- Deena Fidas and Liz Cooper, the co-authors of the 2013 HRC Corporate Equality Index, will explain the criteria, reasons for each criteria, and what to expect next year to be followed but a leader from an LGBT ERG leader who will elaborate on how to leverage the policies into action.
  4. Intersecting Issues- LGBT issues do not function in isolation. Dr. Katherine S. Stephenson will elaborate on gendered communication, while Mandy Carter will build on her keynote with a discussion on ethnic, age, and socio-economic intersections.
  5. Creating an Inclusive Culture- Stan Kimer and Lenora Billings-Harris, consultants, will detail what it will take to move from policies to building a truly inclusive culture.

For: Front-Line Managers, HR, Diversity, ERG Leaders, and Executive-Suite

Breakout Sessions

Breakout of the box with discussions on alternative sexualities be beyond L, G, B, & T as well as soft skill training which can benefit you in the workplace and community! And it’s FREE. If you would like to attend this track but will NOT be attending the lunch or are unable to pay for it, please register by emailing [email protected]

  1. Turning Difficult Conversations into Productive Ones- Lenora Billings-Harris discusses how to
  2. Poly Panel- The Charlotte Poly Network will discuss that polyamory (and the broader term poly) is “Having multiple honest, loving, intimate relationships with the full knowledge and consent of everyone involved.” They will then open the floor up to discussion and Q&A from the audience.
  3. Overcoming Unconscious Bias- Presented by NDC’s own Brian Richards, this will be an interactive presentation on how we learn bias, going into more depth about how issues related on gender and sexuality evolved throughout history. The later portion of the session will discuss how one can continually strive to overcome bias, as well as provide additional resources for understanding LGBTQIA issues.
  4. What does “Queer” Mean?- An overview of the various definitions of “queer” as well as the implications for we as a society understand sexualities.
  5. Asexuality Overview- NDC’s own Brian Richards will provide an overview of the brief history of and limited research on people who have very little or no sexual desire (not by choice or because of mental or medial issue). The focus will then shift to interesting critiques of our current understanding of what a “sexuality” from both popular and academic sources.

For: Everyone, Professionals and Community Members with a strong understanding of LGBT issues, and anyone who would like to know more about a specific topic.

The after party location will be announced soon.


Keynote Speaker

Mandy Carter

National Coordinator
National Black Justice Coalition


Lenora Billings-Harris

Diversity Strategist & Author

Stan Kimer

CEO and Consultant
Total Engagement Consulting

Katherine Stephenson, PhD

Associate Professor
UNC Charlotte

Deena Fidas

Deputy Director of The Workplace Project
Human Rights Campaign Foundation

Liz Cooper

Manager of The Workplace Project
Human Rights Campaign Foundation

Robert Dogens

Senior Vice President
Wells Fargo

Kent Brintnall, PhD

Professor of WGST
UNC Charlotte


Individual Registration

  • Workplace without Lunch Registration — $25
  • Student Workplace without Lunch Registration — $10
  • Workplace Plus Lunch Registration — $50
  • Student Plus Lunch Registration — $35
  • Breakout Plus Lunch Registration — $25
  • Community Plus Lunch Registration — $25
  • Community and/or Breakout WITHOUT Lunch Registration — FREE


For more information about the Summit, to inquire about sponsorship opportunities, to register for the free community registration, or to register through a sponsorship, please contact Brian Richards at [email protected]



Campus Pride
Carolinas Healthcare System
Lenora Billings Harris
LGBT Center of Raleigh
The Bar at 316
The FLY Society ENT
The Multicultural Resource Center
Time Out Youth
Total Engagement Consulting
University of North Carolina College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
University of North Carolina Pembroke
Wells Fargo
What Is Butch
Women with Know How


2013 LGBT & Allies Diversity Summit