Angelique Renee Washington

Angelique Renee Washington
Angelique Renee Washington
International Sex-Educator

An International Sex-Educator-Sexuality Advocate, and Sexual Relations Counselor who promotes a sex-positive culture. I hold a Master’s Degree in Leadership & Organization; interdisciplinary in Counseling Foundations. I obtained several merits in leadership, counseling, mental health, minority advocacy, sexual health n’ wellness, and psycho-sexual therapies. As well, hold certificates in Mental Health, Crisis Intervention, behavior therapies, and Psycho-Sexual Relations, addictions from Western Psychiatric Institute of Pittsburgh. I am a verified KINK AWARE Professional and listed in the KAP directory. In process of Aasect certification as Sex Educator. I have done presentations and classes in USA, London, Spain, France and Italy. I am the CEO of an organization, Allies – Alternative Living Loving Initiative Systems, LLC which provides in part, unique sex education and relationship counseling.

I have taught as an adjunct instructor in the realms of psychology, behavioral science at the collegiate level. I completed two academic published psychological statistical analyses on BDSM, and have written several articles on sexual alternative lifestyles, human sexuality, and on subversive sub cultures. I specialize in traditional and alternative lifestyle: open relationships, ethical non-monogamous, Polyamorous, LGBT, BDSM or fetish, Swingers [LS] and sexual addictions or dysfunctions.

I recently had an interview from Charlotte’s Creative Loafing:

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What I offer?

  • Sexuality Education and Advocacy
  • Relationship Advice, Counseling w/Individualized Packages
  • Teacher/Instructor [also design curriculum]
  • Presenter of Seminars/Lectures/Demonstrations
  • Develop and or Facilitate Support Groups
  • Develop or Present Sex-Educational Workshops
  • Writer, Lecturer and Speaker