Community Partnership

Community Partners consist of individuals or groups who provide financial or in-kind support to an organization, event or activity through the provision of donations, products or services. They share common missions, interests, values, and messages–thereby achieving together what could never be accomplished separately.


The Diversity Council establishes Community Partnerships in order to:

  • Fulfill our mission
  • Build our reputation within local communities
  • Provide the administrative grounding needed to fund, develop and support our initiatives


Organizations joining the Diversity Council as Community Partners receive the following benefits:

  • Placement of logo, linked to your homepage, on the Community Partners page of the Diversity Council’s website
  • Access to networking opportunities, diversity best practices, knowledge, and research
  • Opportunity to submit articles for the Diversity Council’s quarterly newsletter


To become a Community Partner, your organization must submit a request for partnership to Dennis Kennedy at [email protected]. The request should outline your organization’s mission, vision, goals, and reasons for partnering with us. All requests will be reviewed and approved organizations will be notified. We have a limited number of Community Partnership opportunities available, therefore not all organizations will be approved. If you do not acquire Community Partner status upon your first request, you may reapply for future approval.

All approved Community Partners will be reevaluated on an annual basis. For your organization to remain as a Community Partner, you must:

  1. Include the Diversity Council logo on all webpages and marketing materials promoting community  partnerships
  2. Provide the Diversity Council with in-kind support for advisory board meetings and events when able to do so. This support can include:
  • Media and branding opportunities on websites, newspapers, and magazines
  • Venues, name tags, food, beverages, and other items for meetings and events
  • Volunteer support for events throughout the year
  • Invitations to events supporting diversity and community efforts, as well as networking opportunities